It is positive news that Redrow has announced it is launching it's own degree programme. 

In partnership with Liverpool John Moores University the housebuilder has created a degree in Construction Management with an emphasis on housebuilding. Here's why it's a positive in my opinion.

In the consultancy end of the market, entry in the sector via a degree is a common route, and provided you get the grades at A-Level there are a multitude of options for those wanting to work in the construction and property industry. In the construction end of the market however, entry is more often than not via 'the tools' and as such as people move through the industry they potentially miss out on some of the more management focused subjects they need to climb the careers ladder, from contract management to business management.  This degree is hopefully another step to balancing this difference and helping broaden the options for those entering our industry. 

What's also positive is that Redrow have taken the positive step of designing their own degree. A complaint that can sometimes be raised is that students come out of university without the specific skills needed by industry. As we move towards Industry 4.0 and need new entrants to help drive the digitisation and automation of our industry, having big employers more directly involved in the design of degree programmes will hopefully mean students are learning the specific skills needed to meet employer requirements. 

A final positive from this announcement is that the programme will be opened up to other housebuilders. Whilst the initial intake is just for existing Redrow employees, opening up the programme to a wider group will enable the programme to have greater influence in our industry.