An almost ridiculous story has appeared, momentarily taking attention away from the Carillion crisis, with Boris Johnson proposing a 22km bridge linking France to the UK. 

Whilst the intention to improve infrastructure between the UK and Europe is a good proposal, a physical bridge, impacting shipping lanes and costing hundreds of billions to deliver is not.

I believe as Brexit makes an impact on our sector we will see more ambitious projects to try and improve trade and show our willing to the EU, but this is probably one step too far! 

I have wondered for a while whether a second tunnel might be an option for the UK, possibly being "HS4" with an East-West high-speed rail line which then shoots out of the East of England towards the Netherlands, but perhaps that's my wishful thinking living in an area that could seriously benefit from a better East-West rail link! 

Maybe I'm become as optimistic as Boris in my infrastructure vision now....