My friend and former colleague Jen Cotterill has published an insightful piece on the gender pay gap in construction, which is timely as firms start publish their average hourly salary for men and women, in compliance with the updated Equality Act.

She argues that more needs to be done to address inequality, and the improvements being made to attract more women into construction, whilst valid, aren't addressing stereotypes and biases which limit the ability for women to earn a fair wage in the industry.

I previously wrote a longer piece on this in response to the Architect's Journal study in 2016 (read it here) and I whilst publishing wage gap information was number one on my list, I believe that making companies demonstrate their intentions and actions in addressing the issue publicly will help make organisations take bigger steps to address the gap. 

Read Jen's blog (linked below) and connect with her on social, she publishes some fantastic content on the subject.