My dad rang me tonight to check I'm ok. I haven't really read mainstream news this weekend, and hadn't realised a Siberian blizzard is heading our way. But, apparently we're heading for a few days of heavy snow, and living on a hill that doesn't get gritted a bit of snow normally sees us trapped! Thanks for the heads up Dad.

In preparing for the week ahead, I've made a couple of adjustments to my plans to ensure any bad weather doesn't impact on what I'm up to. 

I hope they are of help!

Get face to face meetings in early

For all the benefits the Skype and email brings, some meetings need to be face to face. In my role they can often be quite critical to the early stages of a pitch, debating and discussing an opportunity to develop our approach or solution for a new client. By bringing these forward, I can make sure that once snowed in I can work on follow up work, with relationships and a strategy already in place.

Prioritise training

I'm really fortunate that my employer has a really good management training programme, they even won this year's for it. So when I know I'm going to be stuck I can programme in some top up training. Like most professionals I have CPD-hours targets set by my professional body, so booking some time to keep my learning and development up to date is a great option for a snow day.

Preparing to work different hours

If snow does come, at the top of my to do list will be heading out with my niece and nephew to make a snowman. So naturally I need to be prepared to balance my diary to make an allowance for some unexpected interruptions. I've purposely left my diary flexible and have planned work I can do in the evening to ensure I can make some time to enjoy the weather.  

Whatever happens this week, by taking a little time on a Sunday night to plan ahead, I can make the most of the snow and keep all my projects on track. Fingers crossed for next week!