Next weeks EcoBuild will, almost inevitably, lead with news on the habitual skills shortages within the built environment.  I am looking forward to hearing how the main players across construction, and the building product sector, are planning to tackle the problem.

Now, further strain is being placed on the supply chain by a lack of materials available.

A few days ago Britain's largest house builder, Persimmon, reported increased revenues of 9% for year ending December 2017.  More importantly, its pre-tax profits jumped 25% during this same period.

There has been well documented innovations the "big ten" are employing to, in part,  tackle these two issues.  The same housing developer has announced it is investing in a new roofing tile plant and a number are, if not investing, certainly flirting, with the push to develop affordable offerings, by incorporating offsite technologies.

It is somewhat disheartening to read that these house builders are having to purchased materials from central Europe to keep up with demand.  With the weakness of the pound against the euro and other currencies, plus with our manufactures only recently having witnessed improvements in overall performance, I sincerely hope this, potential huge issue, rectifies itself.