With today being International Womens Day, I read the article linked below with a slightly different spin, that only by changing the process by which we do things will we truly get new ideas, and increased diversity, into the business world.

The APMP is a fantastic organization, I'm a proud member and attended their conference last year in the UK. Unfortunately, at every step of the way, the number of men on stage, manning booths and involved in panel discussions significantly outnumbered women, whilst the conference participants were much more equally mixed. 

It is hard for organisers. You are at the mercy of the organisations who put themselves forward to speak or present, and getting the balance of topics, formats and speakers must be very challenging. But, the approach detailed below, using "crowdsourcing" to find speakers I hope will improve diversity. 

The message behind this all is that it takes fundamental change in the way we work to improve diversity. "Championing" women is more than just a day's activities and requires businesses to change the basics of how they work to make a difference.