STEAM Role is a new start up that aims to link aspiring students with role models from STEM/STEAM  industries. 

I'm really interested by the concept.

Working in an industry where there is a already noticeable skills shortage, and a worrying gap in our labour market vs. aspirations of major construction and infrastructure programmes, I love the concept that an app like this could help to encourage more people to find their way into a STEAM-related industry.

I like that this could be a positive way of using the habits and behaviours people have already developed (e.g. swiping right, consuming regular micro-content) to slowly encourage students into STEAM careers. But, as with Snapchat, Instagram and other platforms, the key is regular and engaging content; and it will be interesting to see how STEAM Role incentives their role models to keep their feeds up to date. 

With mentoring being a relatively new thing to me, I don't know if this app gives the same two-way dialogue and support traditional mentoring techniques provide, but it will be interesting to see how it develops over the coming years.