I am a bit of an Amazon fan, their services save me time, money and make my life easier. But, behind the online shop and Alexa voice services I rely on, they have been busy testing the water with new ideas and concepts.

It was only last year that for a day you had the option to sell your house with Amazon. And whilst it looks like that was simply a test page that managed to go live by accident, it showed an intention that Amazon is looking to expand well beyond groceries, goods and digital media.

This month Construction News features five areas where Amazon is testing it's capabilities in property and construction, from physical stores to advanced distribution and AI. Most interesting for me is the more subtle opportunities Amazon has to disrupt the lower end of the market, in produce distribution and business services.

Many of my friends working in tech see a different side of Amazon to most consumers. As Lora Dimitrova points on in this interesting post on Amazon Web Services, they use B2B and ABM approaches for many of their services such as AWS and it works well for them, turning clients into advocates. Applying this same logic, an ABM approach to a big construction firm could enable Amazon to enter that business at multiple levels, from managing their construction logistics and supply chain, digital product integration (BIM etc) and in-house staff services (HR portals and intranets). The minor disruption of ousting Lyreco as a stationary supplier or Royal Mail as a postal service could, in volume, enable them to Amazonify businesses, building the scale needed to invest in products and services exclusively for that market. 

The list below on Construction News is worth taking a look. I hadn't realized some of the things they're working on, and I certainly hope the continued progression of Amazon into business services and products continues.