I've linked a fascinating short article below talking about the links between sleep and loneliness - the correlation is more deep than you might think.

Of course being tired makes you less likely to go out of your way to be social We've all been to that drinks do where you can think of nothing other than going home and getting into bed rather than meet one more business card wielding stranger. But, the article goes beyond and proposes that there's a neurological impact that makes you less sociable, and scarily others can sense that too and pick up on your loneliness as a result.

For me, this is a bit of a wake up call. When I'm deep in a big pursuit and burning the candle at both ends, I hadn't considered how my lack of sleep could be impacting on others, particularly the team that will be working closely with me day in, day out. I can't help think how this could impact on creativity of the team, particularly in workshops where we're either trying to develop our solution or reviewing and trying to improve bid responses.

If this wasn't enough of a warning to get the right amount of sleep, the final paragraph of the article broadens the argument for getting enough sleep:

Every major disease that is killing us in the developed world—from Alzheimer’s to cancer, cardiovascular disease and stroke, to diabetes and obesity—have significant (and many causal) links to insufficient sleep. Loneliness, another killer, must now be added to that list.

 Now where did I put my Horlicks...