When the pandemic hit the UK and we went into lockdown clients got nervous about bid interviews. On several large tenders I was working on, the interview/presentation stage got cancelled and evaluation criteria were altered to remove any final adjudication or scoring at interview from the final assessment process. 

But, with Teams, Zoom and a host of other online video conferencing systems now standard in many organisations, clients are returning to interviews as the final stage of their procurement processes. 

So what makes an interview by video any different to an interview in person?

Very little actually. There are some obvious subtleties that you need to consider when presenting via video call, and there's some brilliant free advice here from Strategic Proposals on the subject (https://www.bigmarker.com/strategic-proposals/The-art-and-science-of-presenting-online?bmid=61131e8a3637) but generally speaking, the things that should have been standard practice in our bid presentations still ring true.

There's some great pointers from Business 2 Communities in the link below. To these, I'd also add a fifth; do your research before you present. Knowing who's on the other side of the table, their likes and dislikes and their background will help you further personalise your message and make sure you land your key points with even better effect.