I've wanted to start a podcast for over a year. I've come close a number of times but work, personal life or nerves just got the better of me. I didn't know if it was something I'd ever do, but after some encouragement from a couple of good friends, the Red Review, my new podcast with co-host Jeremy Brim, is born!

My first podcast plan started in 2017. I was still working in Leicester and was planning to do a podcast with a friend on leadership, mental health and workplace well-being. For me, it helped me explore a topic which fascinates me. For my friend, coming out of University as a mature student, it was a chance to raise her profile in her new area of specialism, learning and development well-being and workplace culture. We had planned a format, with me being the more uneducated one exploring topics with her expert guidance and leadership. We had planned a couple of recurring features. We nearly had a name for the show… but life got in the way. I moved jobs, moved cities and she secured a fantastic learning and development job in a heated market. Podcast one was dead.

My second podcast is probably the draft version of the Red Review. Over the summer last year I had planned to start a bids and proposals podcast. I lined up a few guests, I'd come up with the name “the Red Review”, I'd thought about format and content… I could say work got in the way if this one. But in reality, I was struck down with anxiety over it. What if it was crap? What if no one listens? What someone challenges something I say? And, and this sounds silly to write it down now, but what if some clever dick at work decides to use it to score some points and suggest I'm giving away all Mace's secrets. 

I was lacking confidence and courage and that stopped me doing anything more than dreaming.

In January I confided in my friend Jeremy Brim over a beer and it didn't take long for us to agree to do launch the Red Review together. Jeremy had just set up on his own, launching Growth Ignition,  and it seemed like a great opportunity to discuss his experiences, debate topics around bids and proposals and meet new and interesting people in the bids and procurement world.

We've chosen to use Anchor in the short term to record. It's really easy to use and enabled us to get started and get our first episode out without too much bother. 

The important thing now is to keep up momentum. We've staggered the release of future episodes so we can initially do fortnightly updates, so here's to many more!