This month, the APMP hosted charity evening to raise funds for MIND, the mental health charity. 

As venues go, the bowels of the Office of National Statistics is certainly an interesting location for a charity fundraising event aimed at bids professionals. Whilst the statisticians and analysts working away just a few floors up spend their life unravelling facts and figures to try and help politicians, businesses and the public understand the current economic, political and societal landscape, it could be argued that the bids professionals in the basement’s primary job is spinning facts and figures to tell compelling stories and tailoring statistics and evidence to suit their particular narrative. 

The event itself was superb. The event began with networking drinks (which I missed) followed by a sneak preview of the writer and broadcaster Jeremy Nicholas’ forthcoming Edinburgh Comedy Festival routine. The event ended with more drinks and nibbles and a lot of networking. 

Having sat through a couple of pretty awful APMP events in recent years, this event was a breath of fresh air. Jeremy was a brilliant speaker and comedy show was perfect for the audience, exploring his experiences of dull presentations and cringe-worthy wedding speeches. 

The show was packed with anecdotes from Jeremy’s career as a speaker and TV presenter, which brought the presentation to life. What was really interesting was that Jeremy was still refining the show before he debuts at this years’ festival, so we got to see first hand how we develops jokes and refines his act. Its this attention to detail that sets a professional speaker apart from the amateur presenters most bid teams support through their day to day work, but perhaps it’s something which we can all learn from.

The show is full of tips and tricks to improve your public speaking and presenting, but for me the effort Jeremy’s putting into preparing for his show is probably the one that sticks with me. It got me thinking about how often teams under-prepare for presentations, focusing on their slides rather than what they’re going to say and how they’re going to say it. 

Jeremy has captured his thoughts in a book, “A Million Tips on Public Speaking - Volume 1”. I’ve linked it below. I’ll definitely use a few of these the next time I’m working with an interview team"

We also recorded a round-up of the event on the Red Review Podcast. You can download it here: