We were fortunate to have Leonie Thomas, an expert freelance bid writer, on the Red Review podcast this month (episode linked below). We had a great chat with Leonie. I first met her doing a different podcast, the Construction Marketing Podcast, but we've stayed in touch ever since. 

Leonie has written a great blog on her website that's filled with tips for freelancers, but one that's  blown up has been her "Five things I’ve learnt in my first five years a freelancer" post. An article that is helpful to both experienced and novice bid freelancers. 

We discussed Leonie's experiences on the podcast. However, there were a few moments that stuck with me, one of which was Leonie's thoughts on mobility. 

Go where the clients are

We discussed mobility and how not being willing to go where your clients are could impact your earning potential as a freelancer. I can understand Leonie's views on this, I prefer working with writers who can spend time with our team. This way, they get to know our processes and ways of working and build rapport with our subject matter experts. It's also much easier to build trust between me as the client and my freelance colleagues.  Particularly when we get to know each other, find out what works and what doesn't work for one another. 

Leonie described some great opportunities she's had, from Australia to Turkey and I can't help but think that the same theory applies to in-house talent too. 

For me, when I moved from Pick Everard to Mace, when I could have stayed in the East Midlands and commuted. I've commuted all my life, so the journey to and from London wasn't going to be an issue for me. Nevertheless, moving to London, immersing myself in a new area, meeting new people and getting involved in a new community has helped broaden my network and opened up new opportunities.

As bid teams become more connected globally, and the war for quality talent in our sector increases, there are a lot of opportunities for professionals who are willing to move.

Listen now!

The Red Review podcast episode is linked below! Check it out now!