2019 has been an interesting year in the bidding world. 

Procurement delays and uncertainty caused by Brexit and elections have put pressure on teams to manage more uncertain workloads, whilst the continued trend in the market for professionals to move to freelance roles has created a more varied and competitive contracting market. 

Across 2019, we debated some of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry on the Red Review podcast and, based on the total number of listens in 2019, these five episodes came out on top: 

Number 5 - Is bidding a hobby or business critical

In this episode, we debated and discussed the importance of bidding to business success and how to make sure your internal colleagues and senior management team recognise and value the bidding and proposal function. 

Listen to this episode to get tips on how to stop being seen as a 'glorified admin' and instead as an instrumental part of your business's success.

Check out the episode on Apple Podcasts here: 


Number 4 - How to pi** off an Uber driver

Jeremy's business celebrated its first year in operation in October and we dedicated an episode to discussing what he's learned, the challenges he's faced and the successes and failures year one.

This episode is a great choice for someone who, like me, likes to hear about the 'behind the scenes' of building a business. 

Listen along via Spotify here:


Number 3 - Freelance bid writing and how not to be a spectacular dou***bag

Leonie and I did our first podcast over five years ago as part of the Construction Marketing Podcast, a short series set up my Pritesh Patel. That podcast still continues to get listens despite the last episode being recorded in 2016! We discussed Leonie's experiences and lessons learned through her five successful years as a freelance bid writer and shared tips on how to be a better client when working with freelancers.

I'd recommend this one, and Leonie's accompanying blog, for anyone who's considering the jump into freelancing.  

Revisit the episode on Castbox here:


Number 2 - Science bulls**t or productivity hacks?

The focus of this episode was on the APMP's charity fundraiser, we shared our views (generally good!) on the event and discussed the challenges we've had setting up the Bids and Procurement LIVE! breakfast events. 

Leonie Thomas set the Question of the Day, asking us to share our productivity hacks for bid teams. As our second most popular episode self-improvement is proving to be a popular topic.

Improve your performance and follow our productivity tips by checking out the episode here:


Number 1 - Career acceleration in the world of bids and procurement - The Red Review Live!

As episode planning goes, this one took weeks of preparation. Recording live, in front of an audience, at a timeslot in the APMP's Career Accelerator day with three guests meant that we were at the mercy of trains, taxis and technology. Thankfully everything went right and we delivered one of my favourite episodes yet with some brilliant guests. 

In our career acceleration episode we got advice from our guests on personal brand, building relationships and networks in the workplace and personal development. 

If you haven't heard the episode yet, or want a recap to help your personal development planning, check out the episode on Radio Public here: